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The Master Artist

“In the beginning God created…”(Gen1:1)

Notice that creating is the 5th word in our english bibles and the first action made by God. To create here is from the hebrew word ‘bara’ which means to form or fashion something. Now this may just like be an ordinary word but what makes it different is that God creates something out of nothing. He is fashioning something entirely new from scratch. Another word for this is “ex nihilo”, the latin word for “out of nothing.” We see God ‘bara’ all the things we see and out of nothing the whole universe were formed.

He starts by creating time (in the beginning), matter (earth) and space (heavens).

The following verse adds excitement to the story, when we see that the earth was without form, void and darkness. But the Spirit of God was hovering, preparing for the next amazing thing that God would do.

Then God said….

God gave the word and it was so. The power of God’s Word is enough to see the whole universe align to his commands.

From these raw materials, God started fashioning out water and land, plants and the stars, fish and beasts at the end of every creation the Artist declares that what he created is good.

The next time we see God ‘bara’ is in verse 21 when He created living beings. He initiated the creatures of the world, creating something out of nothing. These creatures populated our world.

We see a pattern. God said, and it was so, then he declares it good. On and on he does it as one created entity or being gets added to the other creating the ecosystems we see now but the pattern breaks on the 6th day, when God said:

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion…(Gen1:26)

From just saying the Word, God pauses and decides to make a created being fashioned with an imprint from God himself, the very image of God in his created world.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Unlike the previous creatures, the author took time to reiterate that it was God who created (bara) mankind as male and female. God was personally involved in the creation of man, man bears God’s very own image. He was so pleased his creation that the first thing God did after he created them was to bless them (Genesis 1:28). Even before any commandments were given, before any expectations, before any complications God said that man is blessed, He is unlike the animals in that they are the only one who was created in God’s image and likeness.

After creating the obramaestra, the masterpiece, the penultimate creation, the Artist took a step back and enjoyed his creation. He rested in a way that he indulged and celebrated the world he created. A good world.

This may sound like a myth, even utopic in description, but deep down in our hearts we desire a world free from evil and brokeness. This is that world! A good world! A world full of beauty and free from disaster and pain.

Every created being found it’s purpose from it’s Creator. Chapter 1 gave us a rapid, panoramic view of how every thing came to be and reached it’s climax upon the creation of the man and woman. God stopped and declared it indeed very good.

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