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The Messengers

They ran to the dusty tomb only to find the white linen cloth folded. There was no one there. The tomb was empty. After that they saw the Messiah in the flesh again. 

The resurrection was a real event. No one can dispute the validity that the Messiah rose from the dead. The fearful disciples were changed to become bold martyrs because they had seen the return of their dead King. 

The resurrection is a symbol of life. Our mess (sin) has brought us death.

The resurrection is a reversal of the effect of sin. Death is swallowed up, sin is defeated.

The resurrection of the Messiah was physical. A symbol that the creation can be and will be redeemed and glorious.

The resurrection is our hope. We can rest in the the truth that the world we see is not all there is. There is something more glorious that awaits us, and we can long for that as we live in this world. It means we won’t give up. It means that we keep going forward knowing that there is something glorious waiting for us.

The resurrection of Christ is a picture of the things to come. God has indeed redeemed the world. Sin and Satan are no longer in charge, all authority has been given to him.

He now commands us to go and make disciples. To share to the whole world who God is and what he has done. We are now redeemed so that we can be agents of redemption in our world.

The calling of God to Adam and Eve was commissioned  to us once again by Christ. We are to go out and spread the good news that Jesus is alive. He has overcome! Now, redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation is possible to all of us.

We are the messengers that is tasked to share hope to our world! We are the messengers that are called to make an impact!

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